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Recent Grad Panel: Your Questions Answered

10AM - 11AM


A panel of recent graduates from Canada’s top fashion programs will discuss their experiences since entering the workforce. What did they do right? Is there anything they would have done differently? Current students and soon-to-be grads will have the chance to ask questions and find out everything they need to know to prepare for life after college/university. 

Bea Eng (Public Relations & Communications Manager)

Bea graduated from the Creative industries program at Ryerson University in 2019. During her program she took business, fashion and communications courses equaling a well-rounded degree. She tailored her education, experiences and past jobs to be centered around the fashion industry. Through her past job as a Visual Stylist at Nordstrom, interning at a PR and events agency and a modelling agency, she believed it was crucial to get work experience and an education which ultimately lead her to her position at Wuxly Movement as the PR and Communications Manager. 

Christina Truong (Influencer Marketing and Social Media Strategist)

After graduating from Seneca College's Fashion Business program in 2016, Christina decided to pursue her love for Marketing through various opportunities. With 3 years of experience under her (imaginary) belt, Christina excelled in Marketing Communications through different channels such as PR, Social Media and Influencer Marketing. She currently works for MAV Beauty Brands as their Influencer Marketing and Social Media Specialist. 

Memengwaans Sands (Studio Assistant)

Memengwaans was raised on a small Indian reservation called Walpole Island. After 2 years at Sheridan College and attending The Fashion Exchange program at George Brown College. She had the opportunity to work in a bridal store as a seamstress learning about delicate fabrics and the customization of what you can do with your hands and a good pair of scissors. Today Memengwaans works at Studio LaBeaute. Doing what no one else does in the Canadian interior industry. Making one of a kind art pieces to frame your windows. Stitching everything by hand. 

Sustainability in the Apparel Industry

1PM - 2:30PM

Sustainability is becoming an essential part of mainstream fashion. Instead of being seen as a challenge to the industry, it is now being viewed as an opportunity for brands to appeal to an increasingly eco-friendly consumer base. Choosing to use recycled materials and make future-oriented, ethical decisions is more important than ever. This seminar will provide an overview of sustainable fashion design practices, and how clothing can be designed for sustainability and circularity. 

Alexandra Lorusso (Founder, Nudnik) 


Alexandra Lorusso and her twin sister Lindsay are the founders of Nudnik, a Toronto-based kidswear brand designing the waste out of fashion! After working for a collective 20+ years for Wasteco, one of Canada’s largest privately owned waste management companies (co-owned by their father), this pair of ‘waste-chasers’ are on a mission to clean up one of the dirtiest industries today: fashion. Made entirely from pre-consumer textile waste, Nudnik’s stylish and colourful modern basics are not only combating the growing global waste problem, but actively helping to solve it.

Edward Chow (Creative Director, Redwood Classics Apparel) 


Edward Chow is a Creative Director at Redwood Classics Apparel, one of Canada’s leading domestic apparel manufacturers, and Project Lead at Social Textiles, Canada’s first sustainable roll-to-roll printing solutions provider. Before getting his foot in the apparel industry, Edward worked as a UX/UI Designer at a SaSS company and as a Freelance Web Developer. He graduated with honours from the University of Guelph with a degree in Studio Arts. After a career in design, Edward now educates branded merchandise distributors on the importance and impact of domestic textile manufacturing and production.

More at: https://www.asicentral.com/news/newsletters/promogram/september-2019/redwood-classics-debuts-sustainable-all-over-printing/

Naomi Nachmani (Brand Marketing Manager, Kotn) 

Naomi Nachmani is the Brand Marketing Manager at Kotn, a Toronto-based direct-trade premium clothing brand ethically made in Egypt from authentic Egyptian cotton. Naomi started her career in Editorial at The Coveteur, before transitioning into Public Relations, and then Brand and Creative Strategy at Holt Renfrew. Naomi joined Kotn in May 2018 and oversees all brand marketing, from online content creation, emails and social media, to events and brand partnerships.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur?

11AM - 12:30PM

When it comes to finding work in the fashion industry, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Every aspiring entrepreneur dreams of someday designing their own products and owning their own business, but is it really as easy as it sounds? 

If you dream of being your own boss, this seminar will help you decide whether you have what it takes to survive and thrive in the modern fashion industry.

Jesse Guth (Founder & President, Avid Apparel) 

In 2008, Jesse sold college hoodies from his Halifax dorm room and the trunk of his car. Fast-forward to today, and Jesse owns one of Canada's largest manufacturers of custom and private label apparel. Avid Apparel has partnerships with industry leading brands and retailers, producing and distributing clothing across North America. Jesse focuses his time on emerging markets, working closely to build brands with celebrities, influencers, creators, and professional athletes. 

Jennifer Rabanillo (Founder, Styleworthy)

With over 20 years experience in marketing, Jennifer's experiences range from television, entertainment, and fashion, to consumer goods. By being an active member of the fashion community and supporting others in the industry, Jennifer has been able to mentor fashion students to set them up for success for fashion events in Toronto. With the theory that event theme and experience is the root of all successful events, her creativity, execution and strong team ensure that the guests leave with a lasting impression. Jennifer launched Styleworthy 3 years ago, combining her passion for business and a love for building community. Styleworthy emphasizes unapologetic conversations about style and self, within a community of diverse individuals.

James Yurichuk (President & CEO, Wuxly Movement)

James Yurichuk grew up just outside of Toronto in a household where respecting animals and the environment was second nature. As the cold weather set in James was disheartened to see his hometown drowning in fur-trimmed parkas, so he got to work creating a line of premium fur-and down-free winter jackets under the label Wuxly Movement. In addition to his efforts to protect Canadian wildlife, James also served as an ambassador for the Argos' White Ribbon campaign to end violence against women, as well as the Argos' Huddle Up program to prevent bullying in children. In 2014, James' work in the community was recognized when he received the Jake Gaudaur Veteran’s Award.

More at: https://lwos.life/2020/02/27/wuxly-movement-james-yurichuk/

The Future of Fashion & the Apparel Industry

2:30PM - 3:30PM

In today's fashion market, sustainability, technology and e-commerce are more crucial than ever. Our industry is changing and evolving quickly, and industry stakeholders at every point in the supply chain must adapt and keep up, or risk falling behind. This seminar will discuss the latest trends and best practices among the Canadian fashion industry’s top companies, and provide a forecast for the coming years.

Ashley Barby (Founder, Fashion Tech Toronto) 

Ashley Barby is the Founder of FashionTech Toronto and COO of custom 3D printed eyewear manufacturer Specsy. With a decade of experience across fashion, retail, and tech, her work has exposed her to new and emerging fashion and technology markets. From innovating with luxury retailers in Canada, to launching industry disruptive retail technologies in the United States, to establishing fashion innovation partnerships in the UK.

Ashley sits on both the City of Toronto’s Fashion Industry Advisory panel and on the advisory board for Humber College’s fashion management program. She is also a long-time business and entrepreneurship mentor with Futurpreneur Canada. Previously, Ashley was the founder and CEO of luxury consignment ecommerce company ShopLux, and held a series of leadership roles with luxury retailer Holt Renfrew.

Stuart Campbell (Founder/CEO, Passen) 

Stuart graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business in 2013. He is a leader in digital product / systems design and enterprise sales. He founded Passen in March 2013, a digital fitting service that provides fit recommendations to clothing shoppers in-store or online. They help retailers increase sales, reduce waste from oversourcing and returns and help consumers find great fitting clothing. Consumers get measured in Passens Digital Fitting Room at participating malls and through the Passen App, can access the best fitting clothing from participating retailers. Passen’s vision is to be the largest consumer database in the world and the service that connects people with products that are engineered to fit their body. Stuart's favourite piece of short form media literature is Start with Why, by Simon Sinek.

Andrea Romero (Manager, Fashion Zone)

Andrea Romero is an entrepreneur turned intrapreneur, mentor and advocate for the Canadian fashion-tech industry.  As the Manager and one of the founding members of the Fashion Zone, Andrea leads the selection committee and oversees operations for a community of 140 members and an internal team of eight. Andrea leads special projects at Ryerson including, the Ryerson Creative academy, and in 2019, she was appointed as the Interim Director of The Joe Fresh Centre at Ryerson University. 

Andrea holds numerous leadership and mentorship positions within the business and start-up community, including advisory roles throughout the Zone network at Ryerson University. Prior to her work at Ryerson, she worked on the leadership teams for notable Canadian start-ups, Mejuri and Ingomma. Andrea is part of multiple professional organizations, including the Canadian Retail Educators Association (CREA), and holds several advisory/board positions. She is in her third year as a partial load Digital Marketing professor and is a frequent guest speaker and panellist for local start-up events and has presented at universities, colleges, and industry associations. 

With deep roots in strategic innovation, Andrea is passionate about community building, start-up ecosystems, fashion and retail, academic research, and consumer behaviour. 

Future Skills for the Fashion Industry

3:30PM - 4:30PM

Design and manufacturing are big parts of the Canadian fashion industry, but the essential skills that employers will be looking for in the coming years extend far beyond that. 

As our industry evolves and grows, today’s leading employers are blending tradition with innovation by seeking new hires armed with skills in business and communication, social media, digital marketing, industrial, graphic and fashion design, engineering, e-commerce, and more. This presents an opportunity for those who are entering the industry for the first time to put their skills to the test in new and innovative ways.

Yvonne Faulkner (Executive Strategist/Consultant)

Yvonne Faulkner is an influential fashion retail consultant.  She possesses a unique blend of retail, omni-channel, private label product development, consulting and international experience. A veteran fashion retail executive with over 25 years of experience at prominent retailers such as Town Shoes, Aritzia, Club Monaco and Northern Reflections, her passion lies in building brands that customers love while creating inspiring careers in the fashion industry.

Klaudia Capalbo (Professor, Humber Advisory Board, Toronto Fashion Academy) 

Klaudia Capalbo is a fashion industry professional with over 15 years of experience in the media and marketing industry including print, television, events, digital and social media.  Her background includes 7 years at FLARE, LOULOU and HELLO Magazines and a Gold award winning recipient at the Media Innovations Awards.  Prior to working at FLARE magazine, Klaudia worked in broadcast media at Chum Television and in sports entertainment with NBA Canada Inc. More recently, Klaudia is a Professor in Fashion, Public Relations & Marketing, and has been recently announced as the Regional Director for Fashion Group International.  She is also a featured fashion stylist, a guest speaker and has been featured in Vegas2LA, York University Magazine, HOLR and most recently in Spencer Magazine.   

Sarah Yurichuk (Founder, Momentum HR)

Sarah Yurichuk started Momentum HR to disrupt human resources. With over 20 years of Human Resources experience in all sorts of interesting industries and varying sized organizations. Her goal is to support leaders in pushing the envelope and becoming more strategic around developing a strong, real culture with better HR programs and practices. Many of today’s accepted ‘best practices’ evolved under wildly different business conditions. Modern human resources need to be more innovative and agile in the era of digital and social transformation, while driving business goals... and she knows how to do this!    

More at:  https://www.tvo.org/video/energy-spending-in-ontario (go to 7:13)

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